Phillips launch a new series of Saeco

Philips company launched a new series of Saeco Incanto coffee machines , presented by HD8912 and HD8918 models. As manufacturer notes, these machines are developed for Italian coffee admirers and allows to make various coffee drinks at home .

Adjustment of milling coffee grains degree allows to create drink of desired fortress and taste, and ceramics millstones preserve grains aroma and do not allow them to burn. Detachable cooking group facilitates process of the coffee machine maintenance , and permanent filter for Aquaclean water protects device from incrustation.

Flagman Saeco HD8918 model from stainless steel possesses with bicameral decanter for milk, with the help of which you can make milk lather. Saeco HD8912 coffee machine got classical kapuchinator.

Basic HD8912 and HD8918 coffee machines characteristics

Volume of reservoirs for water: 1,8 liters
Capacity for grains: 250 grams
Capacity of the container for coffee thick: 15 portions
Power 1850 Watt

New Saeco Incanto coffee machines will be available for sale in August 2015

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