Myths and truth about coffee

Every week mass media frighten readers with another myth about coffee: it causes infertility, then increases the risk of premature death and obesity. Coffee lovers do not really care , but how to be with those who are afraid for their health? What millions of people drink every day and why they cannot live without this fragrant drink?

Legend says that tonic coffee properties were open by Ethiopian shepherd who noticed that his goat begin to behave heatedly after eating leaves and dark red fruits of coffee tree. He told to the monastery abbot about this strange case. After tested unusual grains on himself, he was astonished by the force of this drink. Monks learned to fry and to grind grains and drank coffee during over-night prayers. Today the drink, which was earlier considered as elite, is drunk by almost everybody and researchers do not cease to open its new properties.

Scientists from Harward came to the conclusion that the people, who regularly consume coffee, suffer much from suicide ideas. Caffeine, according to the scientists opinion, possesses “antidepressant” effect. It influences on intellect, and to say more accurate, on producing gladness hormone (serotonin) and dopamine. In this way, it improves mood, increases serviceability, concentration of attention and reaction speed.

Is coffee harmful for the heart?

Coffee with big caffeine concentration increases arterial pressure. Doctors advise to the hypertensive persons not to drink coffee, and to the people whose pressure is lowered, this drink can help to normalize it.

However the scientists team from Madrid university proved that filtered coffee even in big doses does not increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Death rate of the people drinking coffee is not more, than at those who do drink it at all. But the most interesting thing is that tendency of heart diseases shows that coffee lovers have by 25%less diseases than coffee opponents. Japanese researchers established that the cup of coffee considerably improves bloodstream.

And what diabetics should do?

Harvard researchers established that 6 cups coffee in day lower the risk of the diabetes two times for men and three times for women. The scientists data showed that people who reduced coffee consumption by 1 or 2 cups per day, the risk of development of the diabetes of 2nd type was increased to 17 per cent. Increasing coffee consumption to 1.5 cups per day reduced chances of 2nd type diabetes development to 11 per cent.

Is coffee harmful for teeth?

On the one hand, enamel, which has plenty of tiny cracks, easily absorbs food dyes, such like coffee. Still a greater harm it can put is to drink a hot coffee in the street to cold weather or to drink it with ice-cream, as contrast food results in destruction of enamel. On the other hand, researchers in Pavii’s Italian university proved that coffee promotes prevention of caries. It takes place due to bactericidal properties of drink. But coffee has this property only in case you drink it without sugar and cream , and clean your teeth regularly.

Does coffee cause dependence?

A lot of people cannot wake up without cup of coffee. And after dinner, if they did not drink it , they begin to be sleepy. This means that coffee has the content of caffeine that accounts for up to 1500 mg / l. At the systematic use of this substance on the 1000 mg per day level, the person will have a constant need resembling dependence, for example, as from nicotine. At the same time researchers from Harvard university found out six specific variants of genes connected with caffeine metabolism. They concluded that genes, possibly, influence our love to coffee and how much do we consume it.

is it possible to add weight from coffee?

Those who monitors their bodies, it is necessary to know that soluble coffee has a lot of preservatives which negatively influence metabolism, and provoke occurrence of the cellulitis. And as to natural drink, then Australian researchers found out that five cups of coffee per day increase fat in 2 times. Specialists connected a negative effect with chlorogenic acid that coffee contains. However in normal amounts it is considered to be useful for health, and some specialists believe that the cup of coffee before sports training will only raise endurance.

Does Coffee prevent cancer?

Invigorating drink lovers are much less often sick because of cancers. Numerous researches conducted by the institutes and independent experts show that those who drinks coffee constantly, to times they less often suffer malignant tumors. For example, daily use of more than four cups coffee almost twice lowers the risk of development of mouth, throat and liver cancer.

Does coffee cause insomnia?

Coffee with a big content of caffeine infringes sleep according to scientists. Therefore it is better to abstain from drinking it in the evening. At the same time in different time of days coffee influences organism variously. Many people consuming coffee, prefer to do the first drink of this invigorating drink early in the morning, in order to wake up quicker and to get vivacity charge. However American scientists believe that the best time for coffee is between 9:30 and 11:30 morning.

Can Coffee cause infertility?

The man who drink more than one cup of сoffee per day, they have one of five chances to become fathers at participation in the ECO procedure. At those who drinks no more than one cup, probability of the child’s birth is increased more than in two times according to researchers from Massachusetts. They explained it that caffeine can harm quality of the sperm. However this coffee property needs additional studying, specialists believe in emphasize.

Is liver well protectioned?

Coffee can promote to decrease the risk of the death because shat’ liver cirrhosis. Singapore scientists investigated effects of consumption of coffee, spirits, black and green tea, soft drinks to the risk of death rate from cirrhosis. But finally, only coffee lowered
while drifts with spirits increased probability of the death from this disease.

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