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A cup coffee per day can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

The cup coffee per day can prevent Alzheimer’s disease but scientists University in Italy say that drinking more than two cups of coffee can raise the risk of development of this disease as it aggravates problems with memory.

Researchers found out that moderate levels of caffeine protect intellect from albumen, which destroy neurons leading to loss of the memory. Studying almost 1500 Italians showed that moderate consumers of the most popular drink were less susceptible in the world to development of cognitive infringements which are the first dementia sign. Received conclusions confirm once again that caffeine, known by its properties stimulating vigilance, protects men from memory impairment in older age.

While mentally healthy people who regularly drank one or two cups of coffee per day, had lowered risk of development of cognitive infringements, people who drank more than two cups of coffee, had twice a higher speed of development of cognitive infringements compared to those who drank one cup.

So, as specialists sum up, regular moderate consumption of coffee will protect you from cognitive infringements, and these conclusions confirm results of the previous researches on long-term protective effects of coffee, tea or caffeine against cognitive infringements.

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