Health Benefits of Coffee

According to scientists, we need to drink a cup of coffee every day

Scientists often change their opinion about coffee, is it good or harmful for health. We have no idea when it will end. so we decided to share their last considerations about coffee.

We decided to estimate, what is probability of the fact that people started working today with substantial dose of coffee. We are afraid to confuse with percent correlation , but there was not a lot of them. In the meantime the scientists who, according to the amount of surveying, did not hear at all what means sleeping , still cannot arrange harm and benefit of the coffee.

It was finally found out that coffee is useful for your intellect. However, only in case if you drink it in moderate amounts. Italian scientists started studying the problems of aging, they surveyed 1,5 thousand people in the age of 65 to 84 years. It turned out that moderate use of coffee diminishes the risk of development of syndrome of soft cognitive decrease which can be alarming foreshadowing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

In turn, risk at those who always drank a cup of coffee per day was substantially below than at those who drank coffee rarely. As well at those who increased coffee consumption the risk of development of soft cognitive decrease was superior to those who did not change their habits and constantly drank one cup per day. So, it means that to abuse coffee is equally harmful as to stop drinking it at all.

All this means that to you’d better start thinking about coffee behavior now in order to be healthy. For your future health take cup of coffee at home or on the way to office.

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