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This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

Coffe MachineNameCapuccino Maker?Espresso Maker?Ground coffee or PodsMaterialPriceReviews Score
Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital NoNoGroundPlastic$$4.5
71bNSpLlQuL._SL1500_Cuisinart DCC-1200NoNoGroundPlastic$$4.0
Cuisinart DTC-975 ThermalNoNoGroundStainless Steel$$4.0
DeLonghi EC155 EspressoYesYesGroundStainless Steel$$$4.0
Mr. Coffee ECM160YesYesGroundStainless Steel$$3.5
Nespresso Inissia EspressoYesYesPodsPlastic$$$$4.5
Nespresso Pixie EspressoYesYesPodsAluminum$$$$$4.5
Mr.Coffee TF5GTF 4-CupNoNoGroundPlastic$4.5
KRUPS XP1000 SteamYesYesGroundPlastic$$3.5
DeLonghi Compact AutomaticYesYesGroundStainless Steel$$$$$4.0
Mr.Coffe Cafe BaristaYesYesGroundStainless Steel$$$4.0
Keurig Rivo LatteYesYesPodsPlastic$$$4.5

TOP 5 CoffeMakers

Stainless Steel Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital CoffeeMaker (46201)

The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee maker is especially designed for easy-access for easy and fast filling so that you can have the pleasure of the perfect cup of coffee every morning. It features a number of adjustable options for cups which include brewing with bold, regular etc. The keeping ‘warm’ function makes sure that you will never have to drink a cold cup of coffee. The coffee maker has a removable water reserve which has an automatic pause and serve characteristic so that you can have coffee while the rest of it brews. This digital coffee maker has everything to fulfill your needs including a programmable clock, drip-free pouring, swing-out brew cradle with an eject button and a non-stick hot plate. So wake up to your warm cup of coffee with Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee maker.


I’m not in the habit of writing many reviews, but this product is definitely worth posting a review on as it is the whole package. During my 40 years of home making, I have bought various coffee makers and they all never came up to my expectations because of some or the other reason. I and my wife are retired and so we have been using many coffee makers during these years. If I would have got a customized make coffee maker for myself, then it would have exactly the same features I found in this one. It truly makes a wonderful pot of coffee and its innovative design has solved many problems that infect other units. This coffee maker has an auto-brewing feature that I wanted, so that I can put my coffee to be brewed before bedtime and I as soon as I wake u, I get the aroma of my coffee brewing. It does have a 2-hour auto shutoff as safety measures. I never face any problem in just hitting the button if there is still some coffee left that I would want to keep hot so that I can have it later. It has a “cheat” option that is the pause-and-brew which I require every morning to sneak with some coffee when I am running late for somewhere. Those were available in almost all the coffee makers I have bought. But as this one comes with a keeping warm option, I also have the benefit to lower down heat on the warming tray so that my coffee doesn’t become bitter by cooking. An additional feature that I adore is that I can slow the brewing time to get a more stronger cup coffee without it getting bitter. It gives the awesome taste I crave for. It has a simple square look that I love so much. The pot fits in there perfectly. It is the first pot that I have owned which does not drip the coffee down the side as I pour it in.

A button is also given on the side that brackets the basket out to me without any fuss or mess. Last but not the least is its awesome water reserve. All you have to do is, put it under the faucet, fill it with water, and place it back on the maker. You do not even have to ever pour water from one container to another. I use it every day, and have never experienced any problems with it. It just works simply, and I’m very pleased that I purchased it. By far it is the best coffee maker I have ever possessed. This coffee maker does wonders and works exactly like it is supposed to and has nothing annoying in it like most other coffee makers have. If I get the chance I would meet the engineer who designed this fantastic machine and congratulate him. My morning coffee is such a pleasure now. And it is all because of this amazingly designed coffee maker which is a wonderful combination of all the excellent features. My coffee dream has come true.

Black/Brushed Metal Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart presents a retro styled coffee maker with the latest high tech options. The Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker is a nostalgic classic styled and durable appliance. With a metal exterior and retro-styled buttons, it is the finest coffee maker. It also has a charcoal water filter. The water filter gives a great taste to the coffee by filtering the water. The Brew Central coffee maker also comes with hi tech options such as a programmable digital clock with an automatic shutoff, a self-cleaning feature, and an audio beep that goes off the end of the brewing process, which gives you the best tasting brewed coffee.


I have bought the Cuisinart DCC-1200 last week. I hesitated in spending so much money on a coffee maker but I am happy to tell you that it is worth it. Of course, you can get other coffee makers in the market for under $25 if an economical rate is the most important thing for you, but I have owned those machines and then I decided that, this time, a good cup of coffee was most important for me than anything else. This coffee maker makes the best coffee I have ever had and is way better than the coffee I’ve had in cafes. The coffee this machine makes tastes smooth! I think the charcoal water filter is the reason of this. I also love the “shower head” type design of the water spout. The water actually goes down a track onto the deeper side of the lid and then sprinkles over the grounded coffee like a shower. It’s has an attractive design but it also looks like a stereotype coffee maker. It has the looks and feels of something very solid. The jar has a

good solid material and is well balanced. The plastic parts, like the lid and handle, are made of good plastic and are molded really well. It is nothing like the light weighted plastic that breaks or discolors easily. I also like the 5 audible beeps the coffee maker sends off when the coffee is ready. Now I am able to leave the kitchen and continue with m chores and I don’t have to keep running back to see if I can get a cup yet. I can hear the beeps. But when sometimes I am running out of time and I want my cup of coffee in mid-brew, I simply remove the pot and pour myself a cup. I do have 30 seconds to place the pot back again, before it becomes a risking overflow of the filter. The gold-tone filter is really nice. I always used to think that paper filters were a pain in the neck. They would not fold easily at times and my coffee did not brew properly. But now I can use paper filters in this machine for a way more better brewing of my coffee. Plus its top rack is washable too! An indicator light goes up for self-cleaning but actually that light just tells you when you have to pour in a pot of water or vinegar to clean the machine. I never could do this with my previous machines. The options for the hot plate are pretty good too. And the auto-shutoff feature is simply awesome. I don’t worry anymore about forgetting to turn the machine off. The instruction manual is really good and it comes with a parts replacement and reordering form too. What I despise about this machine is the fact that it requires maintenance and replacement of the charcoal filter. Also, the area on the top where the water is poured in the water is from is narrow but again it is just a minor flaw. So basically it has all the positives with a few minor negative aspects. I highly recommend everyone to purchase this coffee maker.

Black Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Thermal 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker

The Cuisinart Thermal 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker allows you to opt for the time to brew with its 24-hour programmability option. The process shuts off automatically and has an audio beep when the brewing process is complete. Its favorable Brew and Pause option allows you to devour a cup even during the brewing process and the water level indicator utilizes guesswork for measuring. It has a large capacity thermal flask which keeps up to 12 cups of coffee hot and very fresh. Moreover, it features a Brew through / Pour through Lid that is air tight and seals in the flavor. The pros of this wonderful appliance are that it has no heating problems. And the coffee maker assures that you never get a burnt taste of the coffee! For this reason, once the coffee is brewed, the coffee maker automatically shuts off. The coffee stays hot for a longer span of time than the even the description states. The jar stays completely cool on the outside. It is surely a rare invention among the various thermal coffee-makers in the world.


The reason I bought this coffee-maker was the 12-OUNCE thermal jar. This coffee maker is one of a kind was the only coffee maker I have seen with a 12oz jar. The others have either an 8 or 10 ounce jar. This was the reason I could not resist myself to buy it. As I am someone who devours a whole pot of coffee every day, I also was impressed by the fact that it keeps the coffee hot for a longer span of time.

I would like to share one thing with those of you who are seriously considering purchasing this coffee maker. One day I made a pot of coffee and I forgot that I made it. The next day, almost about 36 hours later, it came to my mind that I had made coffee the day before! So I thought I would pour a cup and reheat it. But reheating was completely unnecessary as the coffee came out scalding hot. As if it had just been made! Now I am sure that it can keep coffee hot even over a day later! I saw the reviews and I felt that people are complaining about its overflowing but that is just because you are not placing the lid properly. I would like to tell you that the lid should be placed in the perfect position, and doing it is no mystery. Clearly embossed at the top of the lid are the words “Open” and “Close” and “Pour.” I think that people who have negative experiences with the

lid need to have some patience with it. I have been using this coffee-maker for nearly a month now, and honesty I am not at all disappointed! I have never experienced a single overflowing incident and I never had any problems with it. I suspect that people who are facing the overflowing problems overfill the reserve or do not pay attention to the instructions of how to put the lid on. In short, I am really very pleased and happy with this coffee maker and I am glad that I purchased it. The coffee maker has a solid body and jar. It gives a good overall look and feel. The jar keeps coffee hot all day and even more than that. This is really a plus point. I never came across coffee makers that did so, and this one is the best I have used. This coffee maker is simple and easy to program and comes with an auto-brew function. The fill of its container has a very convenient and simple to read measuring line which makes it easy to fill it to the desired level. This was a bonus point I did not know about and I thought was missing until I purchased this machine. There are a few concerns, but with this kind of package you can safely purchase this fantastic coffee maker. This machine is perfect for home use and can also be set up in offices, plus its design is really appealing especially because of its shiny black color. I highly recommend this product!

Black Mr. Coffee TF5GTF 4-Cup Switch Coffee maker with Gold Tone Filter

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee maker with its classic functions makes brewing easy and simple. All you need to do is set it up, turn it on and let it brew. And then Voila! There you have a rich-tasting coffee brewed finely without creating any mess for you. The option of Grab-A-Cup and Auto Pause is a blessing especially when you crave for a cup of coffee before the brewing process is done. It lies off the brewing process so that you can have a rich-tasting cup of coffee and then once again resumes the brewing cycle after you place the jar back to its place. We introduce our best brewing appliance with this simple-to-use, Brew coffee maker. Experience the wonderful taste of coffee with Mr. Coffee Switch Coffee maker.


I have been buying many coffee pots over the years and this one is the best so far. It is simple to use and clean. It does not go one dripping coffee even after being turned off. The heating plate is fantastic, and it stays in a very good condition even after months of use. I have been waiting to review it because I could not hold up for this long. It has been almost four months since I bought it and it is still in its perfect shape. It is one of my best purchases yet and I am proud of it! A little problem with it is that it spills easily, unless you pour the coffee very slowly. It also makes coffee very quickly, and without any trouble. It is not faster or slower than any other coffee makers. The first couple of pots you brew will taste somewhat like plastic, even after being washed numerous times. So I recommend you to brew using vinegar a few times and then later on with water for some more times before you start making coffee in it. The company should tell you these things in the instructions manual. My other complaint is that if you permanently use the plastic filter instead of a paper one, the coffee will not be strong. Also, if you consume a lot of coffee, then I would suggest that you buy

yourself a regular coffee maker and definitely not this one. The cups can hold up to 5 oz each and not more. If you try to fill the pot till the rim it makes just enough coffee for two regular cups or one medium sized travel mug. This machine is perfect for two people or for a single person needs just two cups of coffee. The price of this coffee maker is good. The top or lid of the coffee maker is a little hard to open but that is the requirement because it must hold down the pressure and tighten the valve. It gets fine after you get habitual of it. It would have been great if it had a little better non-skid treatment at the base. I find the easy to pour in reserve the best that I have used in a long while. While the opening is a little too narrow it is not that difficult to wash the jar. I almost had bought another coffee maker but just did not want to pay 50 cents for a cup or embezzling with the other singular filling options. Not to forget the more than dear price up at the front. The price is worth paying for and it is available in both white and black colors and you can buy it as per your choice. Overall the machine is really good but does have a few flaws but despite that it is a really good machine and will make you fall in love with it pretty soon.

Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffee maker with Travel Mug

The Black & Decker Brew and Go Personal Coffee maker is the perfect option for the on-the-go and active lifestyle which is quick and convenient. This personal coffee maker has the potential to brew 15 ounces of coffee straight away into a stainless-steel travel mug. The mug comes with a rubber handle providing a safe grip and an air tight lid to keep coffee hot for long. The mug, its lid, the filter and the filter basket, are designed safely to use in dishwashers. It also fits almost all car cup holders. With its easy to use one-touch option which features like the portable filter cradle assembled with a permanent filter to make your morning coffee a pleasure. So brew your coffee and take it to go. The Black & Decker Brew and Go Personal Coffee makers are considered ideal for travelers, office experts and on the go coffee drinker households. Another wonderful feature of this coffee maker is that it can also be used to heat water for hot chocolate, tea, and instant foods like soup and oatmeal. Its exterior is made of shiny black plastic and the coffee maker measures 6 inches deep, 9.75 inches high and 7 inches wide. It also carries a one-year warranty directly from the company.


I bought this coffee maker for using it at home around 2 months ago and I simply love it! It is easy to handle and extremely convenient as it quickly brews coffee but for just one person. This unit offers the best features. It has a built in, “permanent” filter which is really big. Plus, you will never complain of running out of filters, like ever. It is fast in processing and brews coffee in just a couple of minutes. It is like I can wake up from my sleep and directly to sipping coffee. The awesome part is that it brews the coffee directly into the travel mug, so that I can get hold of it and run for my job. The unit I purchased includes an extra travel mug which is also a great for my convenience if my other mug isn’t washed or is in use by the other members of my family. The price of this coffee maker is very cheap. It is really inexpensive! The only negative thing I can see is that I would have wanted the travel mugs to be a bit larger, but that is not a serious problem to be counted on. I would purchase this coffee maker again without giving it a second thought. I recently read all of the customer reviews of this coffee maker and it set me laughing. Do people not know how to brew a cup of coffee? This

coffee maker is excellent and I haven’t experienced a single problem with my Brew and Go. This product is great for people who are always on the go or for the kind of people who only prefer having just a cup of coffee every day, and is ideal for people who don’t like to spend their entire time cleaning up! This coffee maker makes a great huge cup of coffee and the travel mug has a very comfortable and convenient feeling in it. This coffee maker is handy when you have no plans to indulge in messing with a full pot of brewing coffee and it is very fast in processing. I would not want to be more pleased and it is well worth the price it holds! This awesomely designed little coffee maker is very difficult to find in the stores, so I was glad to order it online. It saved my marriage because my wife does not drink coffee as she hates it and for her there is no pot to clean. Even though it has a very huge mug, the coffee tastes just awesome especially when you use it with a regular mug or cup, and with beans that are finely grounded. I have purchased my second one. It is durable and lasts for four to five years if it is in daily use otherwise even more! I never prefer drinking coffee that has got cold so for this reason the Brew and Go is perfect. If you are the sole coffee drinker in the house, then purchasing it is an absolute must!